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Renter's Insurance

There are many common misconceptions among renters as to why they shouldn't carry insurance. Some of these include:
  1. I can't afford it
  2. I don't own enough "stuff" to justify it
  3. My landlord's insurance cover's me
Unfortunately, many do not find out until it's too late that these are incorrect. A spinoff of a homeowners insurance policy, the HO-4 as it's called provides most of the same coverages, with the exception of coverage for the actual structure. There are three basic coverages which every renter should have, including:

Personal Property

This covers your belongings in the event they're destroyed or lost due to a covered peril. Look for a policy which features replacement cost coverage, which replaces your belongings without taking into account depreciation.

Loss of Use

This coverage provides for increased living expenses should you have to temporarily rent a new place or live in a hotel room while your rented home or apartment is being repaired or rebuilt.

Personal Liability

Covers claims for bodily injury or property damage which you are legally responsible for. The exception to this would be claims arising from a business or automobile. Some examples of covered claims are:
  • Someone slips and falls while at your residence
  • Your child breaks a neighboors window while playing baseball
  • Your pet injures or bites someone
  • If you're currently renting an apartment or home without renter's insurance, contact us or click the button below for a quote. Renter's insurance is relatively cheap, as little as $100 per year and up, depending on amounts and types of coverage and other relevant factors.