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Claim Reporting and Assistance Information

The claims reporting process varies depending on who your insurance company is and what type of claim you are reporting. For all claims, you may contact our office at
(513) 231-8827 or contact your agent directly after hours. Some of the carriers require you to call their claims reporting number, but we'll be happy to assist you in the claims process in any way we can.
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  • For company specific information on reporting a claim, including direct contact numbers click here

General guidelines: what to do in the event of a claim

1. If anyone is injured, regardless of fault or circumstance, immediately render any required first aid and call 911.

2. For an auto accident, notify the police and record/exchange the following information:
  • date, time, and place of accident
  • name and address, driver's license and license plate information of all involved parties
  • name, address, telephone number(s) of all passengers and witnesses

    3. For a homeowner/property or auto claim, take appropriate steps to prevent further loss to the property
    (for example, temporarily cover broken auto or home windows, remove items from standing water in your basement, etc.)

    4. If possible, take pictures to document the circumstances of the loss and any other relevant information
    (A cell-phone camera or disposable camera in the glovebox of your car can be invaluable in helping with the claims process)

    5. Do not make any statements, comments, or admissions about your liability for any claim or to any person other than law enforcement, your agent or your claim adjuster

    6. Promptly report the claim to your agent or local claim office.